Laura Turley


Laura Turley has been working with IISD’s Economic Law and Policy program since 2012, first as a project officer and currently as an associate. She has overseen projects on public procurement, sustainable infrastructure, investment policy, and voluntary sustainability standards. Laura has provided research, advisory, and training services to the governments of India, South Africa, Bhutan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, and the East African Community.

Laura is also a teaching assistant at the University of Geneva, where she is currently pursuing a PhD on the topic of operating large water infrastructure under conditions of climate change and urbanization. She also holds an MSc (Water Science and Policy) from the University of Oxford and a B.A. Hons (International Development) from McGill University.

Laura previously held positions as a research associate at the Smith School for Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford, and as a course instructor at the Geneva Business School.

Laura works in English and French. 

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Areas of expertise
Public Procurement
Standards and Value Chains
Freshwater Protection
Infrastructure Financing
Investment (Agriculture)
Investment and Sustainable Development
Voluntary Sustainability Standards
Staff type
Master of Sciences – Water Science, Policy and Management, U.K, University of Oxford, 2012
Bachelor of Arts – International Development, Canada, McGill University, 2009
Languages spoken
English, French