Bill Hamlin


Bill is a professional engineer whose strength lies in bridging knowledge between multiple disciplines to deliver inciteful analysis and societal solutions. 

He is an expert in issues related to the technical, economic, environmental and social implications of electricity and hydropower development. He is also an expert in the design and implications of carbon pricing systems.  His capabilities include greenhouse gas measurement, accounting, lifecycle analysis, reservoir emissions and climate change adaptation. He also has a strong background in energy conservation and emerging technologies and integrated resource planning.

Among his professional affiliations, Bill has acted as Chair of the Clean Energy Work Group at the Canadian Hydropower Association, and participated in various committees at the International Hydropower Association and Canadian Electricity Association. Most recently he has been the Manager of Energy Policy & Resource Options at Manitoba Hydro where he participated in developing national, regional and corporate energy and GHG policies and maintained a detailed portfolio of electrical resource options. 


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Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1985