Beate Antonich

Team Leader, Writer

Beate Antonich specializes in international political economy and international environmental and economic law, with a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, PA. Her academic and policy-oriented path lead her from sifting through legislations, policy implementations and disputes in the context of large-scale investments to international negotiations of free trade and multilateral environmental agreements.
An expert on trade and investment law, climate change and sustainable development, she has consulted and advised various governments, international organizations, and NGOs. She has been nicknamed by many as “our tree,” standing strong and supporting multiple tasks with her contribution of diverse services and knowledge to a range of “species” in the international-governance ecosystem.
Beate is a Team Leader and Writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and covers meetings of the biodiversity, climate change, ozone, and desertification and land degradation regimes, among others. As thematic expert for climate change and sustainable energy she also writes monthly updates, which are published on the IISD SDG Knowledge Hub, on climate finance, carbon markets and pricing, institutional developments, nationally appropriate mitigation actions, and nationally determined contributions.
Her interdisciplinary training and joy of learning and teaching shows. She has lectured on various subjects and provided research and editorial support of various books, book chapters and articles on international political economy, civil society and NGOs, human rights politics and theory.
Living in San Francisco, Beate is most happy being with her family and out in nature.

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