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Expert Alert: Mercury and Fresh Water

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IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA) is pleased to offer expertise to media on the effects of mercury on fresh water.

Dr. Michael Paterson is IISD-ELA's Chief Scientist. His research has focused on the ecosystem effects of human activities on freshwater lakes and his areas of expertise include aquatic food webs, plankton ecology, nutrients, and contaminants. While at the research facility, Michael has been involved in whole-ecosystem studies on the effects of hydroelectric reservoir development, aquaculture, eutrophication, contaminants, acidification, and climate change.

As a biologist with IISD-ELA's fish crew, Lee Hrenchuk's research focuses on monitoring and assessing the effects of a variety of environmental perturbations (including mercury deposition, cage aquaculture, endocrine disrupting chemicals, eutrophication and climate change) on fish ecology and behaviour in small, oligotrophic lakes in the boreal shield.

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