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Is Vanadium the “Valyrian Steel” of the Energy Transition?

In Game of Thrones, a sword forged out of Valyrian steel is recognized for its unparalleled strength and light weight. It is this advantage that denotes it as one of Westeros’s most sought-after materials. In the real world, its equivalent just might be vanadium. 
Blog April 16, 2019

Connecting the Dots: Natural resources, women and peace

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke with Silja Halle of UN Environment to discuss the opportunities presented by environment and natural resources to strengthen women’s participation in peace processes.
Blog March 6, 2018

Digging up the Dirt on Conflict Minerals Worldwide

A series of recent reports has revealed a new complexity to the familiar topic of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “conflict minerals.” Clare Church explores how the trade now not only proliferates outsides of the mobile phone industry, but also outside of the country itself.
Blog November 30, 2017