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Sourcebook on Sustainable Development

At IISD we frequently hear the complaint that there is both a wealth and dearth of information about sustainable development - no shortage of writing on the subject, but difficulty in knowing what to read and where to find it. This first edition of Sourcebook on Sustainable Development was designed…
Publication October 3, 2001

Trade, Sustainable Development, and the Environment: A Bibliography

Jointly produced by IISD and the Centre for Trade Policy and Law in Ottawa, this up-to-date bibliography thoroughly covers the range of issues relevant to the intersection of trade, environment and development policies.As well as NAFTA and GATT/WTO-related coverage, it includes trade-related topics…
Publication October 3, 2001

Employment and Sustainable Development: Opportunities for Canada

This report documents dozens of economic development strategies that are financially viable, environmentally restorative, and socially responsible.Ideas such as retro-fitting buildings to be more energy efficent, investing in aquaculture, and improving the environment performance of the tourism…
Publication October 3, 2001

Manitoba and Climate Change: A Primer

Climate change is the most significant global environment threat facing Manitobans.Understanding its impacts and developing a thoughtful response to this very real challenge is critical if we want to ensure an acceptable quality of life for future generations of Manitobans. Climate change…
Publication October 3, 2001