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Measuring the Wealth of Nations: A review

This paper provides a brief overview of recent efforts by international agencies and academic institutions to develop and apply comprehensive wealth measurement tools. Our review is limited to examples of comprehensive wealth measurement as applied to several countries, so it does not include work on specific capital estimates, applications to a small number of countries, or theoretical research/framework development.
Report July 15, 2021

Natural Infrastructure Solutions for Climate Resilience

Natural infrastructure can provide protection against a range of climate change hazards, such as coastal flooding, riverine flooding, extreme heat in urban areas, and drought, as well as generate co-benefits such as species habitat and recreational opportunities.
Infographic July 9, 2021

Climate Change Risks and Resilience Options for Canada’s Built Infrastructure

Canada’s climate is changing, bringing new risks and challenges for the nation’s infrastructure. A new IISD report, prepared with support from Infrastructure Canada, reviews current literature on climate change hazards, impacts, and adaptation options for six types of built infrastructure across Canada.
Infographic July 9, 2021