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Agenda 21: Agenda for Change

In June 1992 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, world leaders from 179 countries made critical decisions involving our economies and the security of our future. Their blueprint for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable world is presented in The Earth Summit's Agenda for Change. The…
Publication October 5, 2001

A Guide to Kyoto: Climate Change and What it Means to Canadians

The Guide outlines the scientific background to the Kyoto Protocol and some of the implications for Canadians. It discusses the possible impact on the transportation, industrial and residential sectors, and looks at what strategies business, communities and governments might consider in response…
Publication October 3, 2001

Coming Clean: Corporate Environmental Reporting

Published by IISD, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International, and Sustainability,Coming Clean reveals how 75 of the leading companies in Europe, Japan and the United States are reporting on their environmental performance and management practices. An analysis of the trends, audience and the impact…
Publication October 3, 2001

Business Strategy for Sustainable Development

Business Strategy, undertaken with Deloitte & Touche and the Business Council on Sustainable Development, offers an in-depth look at sustainable development business practices and describes the practical steps companies can take to internalize sustainable development and profit from the…
Publication October 3, 2001

Sustainable Development for the Great Plains: Policy Analysis

Sustainable agriculture is fundamental to the future sources of food and fibre for the expanding world population. This decision-makers summary of Agriculture and Sustainable Development-Policy analysis on the Great Plains presents a framework to analyze policy with respect to sustainable…
Publication October 3, 2001

Agriculture and Sustainable Development: Policy Analysis on the Great Plains

Sustainability of agriculture on the Great Plains has come under question as a result of developments within and outside the region. This study takes a look at key issues on the Canadian prairies and helps develop a process to review the sustainability concerns. It provides a framework for…
Publication October 3, 2001

Sustainability of Canada's Agri-Food System - A Prairie Perspective

IISD's Great Plains Program aims to better understand and promote sustainable development within the prairie regions of Canada and the United States. The Great Plains are important in terms of biodiversity, climate change and conservation of soil and water. The University of Manitoba produced…
Publication October 3, 2001

Making Budgets Green

Making Budgets Green gives ideas for turning government budgets into more effective mechanisms of sustainable development. This report is a collection of 23 cases of reform in Canada, the United States and Western Europe. Each case is laid out to provide readers with summary information at a…
Publication October 3, 2001

Our Responsibility to The Seventh Generation

This book highlights the contributions of the indigenous knowledge to sustainable development in public policy and administration.Seventh Generation was written by indigenous people from Canada, Mexico and India. Seventh Generation discusses how policies and institutions have pushed indigenous…
Publication October 3, 2001