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How to Regulate Our Waste-Full World

Going forward, the legitimacy of global governance of hazardous wastes may rest on its ability to enable governments protect the most vulnerable.
Long-form article July 26, 2021

Achieving a Fossil-Free Recovery: Infographic

Governments must take action now to avoid catastrophic climate change. The International Institute for Sustainable Development has developed a blueprint of five steps for governments to achieve a fossil-free recovery.
Infographic July 23, 2021

Toward Gender-Responsive Ecosystem-based Adaptation

A key factor for the success of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) initiatives is the active integration of gender considerations. By working to address gender and social inequalities, EbA initiatives can be more effective and more sustainable.
Report July 22, 2021

Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger

This compilation of Ceres2030 full body of research encompasses the Summary Report as well as the economic modeling that shows how much it would cost to end hunger, increase incomes and protect the climate by 2030, while assessing the best way to spend money across dozens of agricultural interventions in different countries.
Report July 19, 2021

How to Protect Africa's Great Lakes

This episode introduces you to the African Great Lakes, and explain why they matter to so many people—and why they may be more familiar than you think.
Podcast July 15, 2021

Measuring the Wealth of Nations: A review

This paper provides a brief overview of recent efforts by international agencies and academic institutions to develop and apply comprehensive wealth measurement tools. Our review is limited to examples of comprehensive wealth measurement as applied to several countries, so it does not include work on specific capital estimates, applications to a small number of countries, or theoretical research/framework development.
Report July 15, 2021