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E-commerce in the World Trade Organization: History and latest developments in the negotiations under the Joint Statement

This negotiating brief was prepared for the Geneva Seminar held on January 29, 2020, on the Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) devoted to electronic commerce, which involves a group of World Trade Organization (WTO) Members.

It covers the history of e-commerce-related discussions in the WTO context from the late 1990s to the present, as well as the latest developments in the negotiations under this JSI. 

This material was produced as part of the Umbrella Grant on New WTO Issues. This material has been produced with funding by UK aid from the UK Government. The Umbrella Grant is a project of the Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+), and implemented by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in consortium with CUTS, BKP Economic Advisors and InterAnalysis. The papers for the Geneva Seminars benefited from the review of our editorial oversight committee, including Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder, Rashid Kaukab, Julien Grollier, Susan Joekes, Julian Mukiibi and Marília Maciel.

Views expressed in the publication are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect HM Government’s official positions or those of TAF2+.

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