ITN trimestriel

ITN April 2006

ITN April 27, 2006 In this issue: Tribunal rules on NGO’s bid to intervene in second Argentine water dispute; Analysis: « Non-Parties » waking up to investment treaty arbitration; Prominent arbitrator’s impartiality […]

ITN March 2006

ITN March 14, 2006 In this issue: Saluka Investments claims partial victory against the Czech Republic; ANALYSIS: Tribunal distinguishes regulation from expropriation in latest Czech case; ICSID Member-Governments OK watered-down […]

ITN February 2006

ITN February 17, 2006 In this issue: Russian investor pursues multiple treaty arbitrations against Moldova in Stockholm; Dutch investor sues over contract lost amidst Czech corruption scandal; ICSID tribunal rejects […]

ITN January 2006

ITN January 31, 2006 In this issue: Polish Finance Ministry not talking about BIT arbitration at ICC; Parties continue to await ICSID ruling on challenge to tribunal in Pey v. […]

ITN December 2005

ITN December 20, 2005 In this issue: Tribunal split in Bechtel-Bolivia case over corporate nationality of investor. ITN December 14, 2005 In this issue: World Bank President will rule on […]

ITN November 2005

ITN November 21, 2005 In this issue: Czech Republic pursues shake-up of its bilateral investment treaties; United States and Uruguay ink revised BIT, opposition to treaty remains; U.S.-Thai FTA talks […]

ITN October 2005

ITN October 26, 2005 In this issue: Re-branding this newsletter; Correction: Glamis Gold and mining permits; Romania prevails in BIT arbitration with US investors over privatized steelworks; Argentina moves to […]

ITN September 2005

ITN September 15, 2005 In this issue: Investors in Romanian oil firm warn Romania of potential arbitration; Czech Republic says it prevailed in Swedish Court over GSM cell phone arbitration; […]

ITN August 2005

ITN August 22, 2005 In this issue: Tribunal rejects Methanex’s compensation claim in key environmental arbitration; US television production company challenges subsidies given to Canadian firms; OECD Investment Committee signals […]

ITN July 2005

ITN July 2005 In this issue: Tribunal renders award in Energy Charter dispute against Kyrgyzstan; Chilean firm seeks to annul arbitral decision in Peruvian environmental wetlands case; Energy firms serve […]

ITN June 2005

ITN June 30, 2005 In this issue: Energy firms poised to notify Bolivia of potential investment treaty claims; US and Dutch investors in Estonian railway threaten BIT arbitration; NAFTA consolidation […]

ITN May 2005

ITN May 27, 2005 In this issue: In Memoriam: Konrad von Moltke; First domino falls on Argentina as tribunal rules in financial crisis arbitration; ICSID tribunal OKs amicus intervention in […]

ITN April 2005

ITN April 27, 2005 In this issue: Brazilian government’s decision on ratification of BITs looming; IISD to launch model investment agreement in London; Key US Senators want US-Russia BIT ratified […]

ITN March 2005

ITN March 24, 2005 In this issue: ICSID Tribunals diverge over independence of arbitrator to hear Argentine claims; Tribunal constituted in Glamis Gold v. US NAFTA case, hearings to be […]

ITN February 2005

ITN March 24, 2005 In this issue: Chilean firm loses investment treaty claim against Peru; Menatep’s Yukos claim is largest in investment treaty history, others in offing?; Slovak Republic agrees […]

ITN January 2005

ITN January 21, 2005 In this issue: Slovakia ordered to pay $800 million+ claim by ICSID tribunal; next move unclear; Zimbabwe facing treaty claims arising out of land reform programme; […]

ITN December 2004

ITN December 17, 2004 In this issue: Dutch Court finds arbitrator in conflict due to role of counsel to another investor; IISD submits proposals on ICSID reform; European Banks move […]

ITN November 2004

ITN November 29, 2004 In this issue: UNCTAD Releases Data on Incidence of Investment Treaty Arbitration; US Government mounts arbitration against India over failed power plant project; Tribunal rejects NAFTA […]

ITN October 2004

ITN October 27, 2004 In this issue: ICSID Secretariat floats proposals for reforms to investor-state arbitration; BIT award against Russia being challenged in Swedish appeal court; EU-Mercosur talks put on […]

ITN September 2004

ITN September 2004 In this issue: Japan, Mexico agree to investment rules in new trade pact; US inks Trade-Investment Framework with Afghanistan; UNCTAD releases World Investment Report 2004 on services; […]

ITN August 2004

ITN August 23, 2004 In this issue: Malaysian firm wins BIT case against Chile; « wide scope » of MFN clause looms large; Tribunal upholds jurisdiction in Siemens v. Argentina; MFN plays […]

ITN July 2004

ITN July 22, 2004 In this issue: INVEST-SD Moving North; NAFTA Parties Release Draft Negotiating Texts of Investment Chapter; IISD and Earth Justice submit Post-Hearing brief following Methanex Hearings; Canadian […]

ITN June 2004

ITN June 21, 2004 In this issue: World Bank management responds to external review of WB role in extractives sector; OECD working paper looks at relationships between Investment Agreements; UN […]

ITN May 2004

ITN May 24, 2004 In this issue: US Launches BIT negotiation with Uruguay; Pakistan Next in Queue?; EU Executive Branch Looking at Possible Incompatibilities of Some European BITs; Canada Releases […]

ITN April 2004

ITN April 27, 2004 In this issue: Constitutionality of NAFTA Ch.11-type Provisions Being Debated in US and Canada; Canadian Lumber Firm Becomes Fourth in Industry to Sue US Under NAFTA; […]

ITN March 2004

ITN March 25, 2004 In this issue: Tribunal Finds Jurisdiction to Hear Enron Claim Against Argentina; Italian Firm Sues Mongolia under BIT and Energy Charter Treaty; EU-Canada discuss revisions to […]

ITN February 2004

ITN February 23, 2004 In this issue: US releases draft-text of revised bilateral investment treaty template; US firm mounts BIT claim against Ukraine for failure to enforce arbitral award; London […]

ITN January 2004

ITN January 23, 2004 In this issue: Concerns Grow Over Pharmaceutical Pricing in US-Australia FTA Talks; Korean-US Bilateral Investment Treaty Talks to Resume After Korean Elections; UK Development Agency Wants […]

December 2003

ITN December 19, 2003 In this issue: Swedish firm wins Energy Charter Treaty case against Republic of Latvia; Azurix water company registers second Argentine claim, as first claim clears jurisdictional […]

ITN November 2003

ITN November 28, 2003 In this issue: Stockholm arbitrators expected to rule soon on Energy Charter Treaty arbitration; EU confirms new position on investment at WTO; US and Australian Ministers […]

ITN October 2003

ITN October 31, 2003 In this issue: ICSID sees further investor-state arbitrations registered; Swiss Arbitration Forum to examine conflicting investment treaty awards; NGOs issue briefing note on Glamis mining corp’s […]

ITN September 2003

ITN September 26, 2003 In this issue: Iraq’s New Investment Law Opens Most of Economy to Foreign Investment; Report on Canada’s NAFTA Chapter 11 consultations available; Bechtel and GE mount […]

ITN August 2003

ITN August 15-22, 2003 In this issue: Editor’s Note on Delayed Publication; WTO Investment Group Fails to Find Consensus; African group and West remain at odds; Liberalization of capital flows […]

ITN July 2003

ITN July 8, 2003 In this issue: US Pressures Korea to Drop Cultural Policy in Return for Bilateral Investment Treaty; South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment Plans an Obstacle to a […]

ITN June 2003

ITN June 1, 2003 In this issue: Brazil Remains Wary of International Investment Rules; « Publish What You Pay » Campaign Receives Shot in the Arm; India-based Research Organization Releases Paper on WTO […]

ITN May 2003

ITN May 2003 In this issue: US Administration Warns WTO on Inviolability of its Bilateral Investment Treaties; Carnegie Endowment to Host One-Day Forum on WTO Investment Talks; Camuzzi Files Second […]

ITN April 2003

ITN April 11, 2003 In this issue: WTO Working Group on Trade and Investment to Meet Next Week; Asia-Pacific Region Investment Negotiations Round-Up; Methanex Arbitration Under NAFTA to be Opened […]