ITN March 2005

ITN March 24, 2005

In this issue: ICSID Tribunals diverge over independence of arbitrator to hear Argentine claims; Tribunal constituted in Glamis Gold v. US NAFTA case, hearings to be open; Ecuador’s challenge to arbitral award being weighed in UK High Court; US want three NAFTA softwood lumber arbitrations consolidated under one panel; Wolfowitz could become new ICSID Administrative Council head; Blair Commission for Africa puts focus on good governance; UK Departments urge EU not to force investment talks on Africa, Caribbean and Pacific; Soros urges governments to join Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative.

ITN March 10, 2005

In this issue: French multinational wins treaty arbitration against Lebanon; Tribunal finds jurisdiction under Energy Charter, but reins in MFN shopping; South Centre quarrels with ICSID Secretariat’s reform proposals; Poland faces new BIT claim by French firm Vivendi; FT: « Enforcement of anti-corruption laws falling short, says watchdog »; Robert Volterra moves to new firm; Czech Republic hires firm to defend claim by Croatian company; Motorola’s SEC filings confirm ICSID dispute relates to Telsim matter.