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On August 28th, 2012, the IISD-GSI and TERI organised a workshop to brief media and selected civil society organisations on the key findings and policy recommendations of a joint research project, and to facilitate a discussion amongst journalists on key issues relevant to their reporting of fuel subsidy reforms.

As India’s economic growth slows, there is increasing pressure to reduce high-levels of spending on subsidies. Fossil-fuel subsidies – particularly diesel and LPG – are high on the government’s list of needed reforms.  Reducing subsidies, or eliminating them altogether, would reduce the fiscal deficit, liberating money for other government priorities, it would reduce consumption and pollution levels, and encourage energy efficiency and clean energy solutions. Yet diesel’s importance to key sectors of the economy, such as transport, industry and agriculture, has long generated concerns over the inflationary impacts of increasing prices.

A summary of the meeting is available here.


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