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PRETORIA - 3-4 November 2008 - In partnership with the South Africa Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA), the Trade Knowledge Network (TKN), and the Inter Press Service (IPS), the GSI convened a media forum for journalists in Southern Africa. The forum brought together journalists from across the region to analyze ways in which subsidy policies have strengthened, or weakened, food security in the region.

The event was the fourth in a series of regional forums organized by the the GSI and the IPS, aiming to equip journalists with an understanding of how subsidies function, the impacts they have at local, national and international levels and how they might be optimized.

Click here for the agenda.


Some Successes and Failures of African Subsidy Policies in the Agricultural Sector
Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CEO of FANRPAN

Africa, Agriculture & the WTO
Hilton E. Zunckel, Director, Trade Law Chambers

Food Insecurity in Southern Africa: Regional Dynamics
Peter Draper, Trade Research Fellow, South Africa Institute for International Affairs

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