Irrigation Subsidies

Irrigation subsidies influence decisions about which crops to produce, how much to produce and where they are produced. Irrigation subsidies in wealthier countries can also affect the relative competitiveness of developing countries, which have fewer financial resources to invest in irrigation.

The GSI identifies and quantifies subsidies to irrigation, so the benefits and costs of policies can begin to be assessed. Our work includes forging agreement on common terms and estimation methods, supporting research to identify data, and assisting governments in making better data available.


Irrigation Country Case Studies

The GSI's irrigation country case studies identify and quantify irrigation subsidies in a variety of countries. These studies provide detailed insight into the extent of government support to the sector, and provide a starting point for assessing the impacts of these subsidies. 

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Irrigation Policy Briefs

These policy briefs highlight emerging issues related to irrigation subsidies. They also highlight the key findings of our larger studies.

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The GSI has developed a methodology for measuring irrigation subsidies as a resource for governments and researchers. 

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