Archive of non-GSI studies on subsidies

Renewable energy or coal? How to power the future in Turkey

Turkey faces a problem that is common to many developing countries: a growing economy and a growing demand for energy.  By 2030, electricity consumption is expected to rise from 240 TWh to over 600 TWh. Turkey plans a huge increase in coal-fuelled power generation to fill the gap. But would it be cheaper to use renewable energy instead?

Global Subsidies Initiative Report on Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: Assessing Options and Opportunities

A new report from the GSI provides input to the Nordic Council of Ministers by identifying options and opportunities for increased Nordic cooperation on the phasing out of fossil-fuel subsidies in developing countries. The research explores existing Nordic cooperation efforts in the fields of energy, climate change and extractives, outlines Nordic development trends and priorities, proposes partner countries, identifies potential areas of cooperation, and presents four recommendations for future action.

Call for Proposals: Government Support in Development of Yamal LNG and Prirazlomnoe Projects in Russia

The International Institute for Sustainable Development has the pleasure to share its call for proposals to conduct research and prepare a publication on ‘The role of government support in development of Yamal LNG and Prirazlomnoe projects in Russia’.

Addendum to Biofuels–At What Cost? A review of costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies

The Global Subsidies Initiative has published an addendum to the report Biofuels–At What Cost? A review of costs and benefits of EU biofuel policies.

CORRECTION: IISD report on biofuels in the European Union revises estimate of excise tax emptions

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has revised down its estimate of the subsidies the European Union member states provide to the biofuels sector.

New Study Finds Indian Trucking Industry Vulnerable to Higher Diesel Prices

A new report evaluates the impact of higher diesel prices on India’s road freight transport sector.

New Study – “Reforming Fuel Pricing in an Age of $100 Oil”

Reforming Fuel Pricing in an Age of $100 Oil is the latest of Masami Kojima’s authoritative analyses of how countries around the world cope with rising oil prices. Its findings are based on a comprehensive review of how product prices have changed in 72 countries and what changing world oil prices have looked like when converted into the local currencies of 173 countries, adjusted for inflation. It also draws on a background paper on pricing policies covering case studies from 65 countries.  

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Wyoming

Subsidy research organization Earth Track has published a new report on fossil-fuel subsidies in five U.S. states, adding to the body of knowledge on producer subsidies, and emphasizing the importance of subsidy policies at the state as well as the national level.

Call for Proposals: Case Study - Spain’s Solar PV Subsidy and Investment Bubble

The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s (IISD) Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) is pleased to announce a call for proposals to support the development of a study assessing the lessons which can be learnt from the Spanish solar PV subsidy bubble.

Studies chart a path to reduce India’s fossil-fuel subsidies

New research charts a path to reduce India’s fossil-fuel subsidies while managing the economic and social impacts of higher fuel prices.