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Generate an ADAPTool Spreadsheet

Fill in the information below and click "Generate Spreadsheet" to download an ADAPT (Adaptive Design & Assessment Policy Tool) spreadsheet. See the details and instructions here.

Geographic Scope of Analysis

Name of watershed, municipality, province, country, etc.

Key Stressor

i.e. changing climate, market price stocks, etc.

Enter a set of programs

Enter one program name per line. Include abbreviated names, if any, in brackets.

Upload Data File

If you have a large number of entries, you may prefer to enter the "Sectors, Vulnerabilities and actions" information in a data file rather than adding them manually. To upload a data file, download this excel file, and fill it in according to the instructions. Save the data file as a .csv file on your computer. Then click "choose file" to upload the file, then "upload data file" to populate the display below.

Sectors, Vulnerabilities
and Actions

Enter names for sectors, along with vulnerabilities and anticipated adaptation actions for each sector.

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The ADAPTool was developed by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Adaptive Resource Management Ltd and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) with financial and in-kind support from the International Development Research Centre, Natural Resources Canada's Prairie Regional Adaptation Collaborative, Manitoba Conservation, Manitoba Agriculture and Rural Initiatives, and the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. The ADAPTool is based on the 2009 book, Creating Adaptive Policies: A Guide for Policy-making in an Uncertain World.

For more information contact Dimple Roy or Darren Swanson.