Through conferences, webinars, workshops, and panel discussions, IISD actively engages some of the world's leading thinkers on various topics of sustainable development.

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Webinar | Trade and Gender: Translating Knowledge into Practice

What do we know about the impacts of trade and trade rules on women, and how does this knowledge get translated into policy?  This webinar, the latest in the joint series organized by IISD and the University of Geneva's Faculty of Law, explored these issues in detail.
Webinar June 8, 2021

Virtual Policy Dialogue on Trade and Food System Shocks

This event will explore how trade policy can help governments anticipate and respond to food system shocks while avoiding harm to producers and consumers in other countries. It will also look at the particular role of major importing and exporting nations in helping to safeguard the stability of global food markets.
Webinar May 20, 2021