The Knowledge to Act


St. John's-Ravenscourt School's Winter Field Trip to IISD-ELA

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From March 1-4, 2016, 11 students and 4 teachers from St. John's-Ravenscourt (SJR) School in Winnipeg participated in a four-day outdoor skills course led by SJR teacher, Dean McLeod.

Students learned such skills as quinzhee construction, fire-making, outdoor cooking, snowshoeing, skiing and simply how to keep warm and dry while outside continually for more than 24 hours. IISD's Institutional Development Coordinator, Pauline Gerrard, also joined them to teach about the science taking placeĀ on the lakes. We look forward to welcoming some of these students back in this summer for E.L.S.E., the summer high school course at IISD-ELA.

Event details

  • March 1-4, 2016