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8th Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators

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The Eighth Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators was held in Montreux, Switzerland, from November 5 to 7, 2014, and was attended by 99 participants from 54 countries. 

The Forum examined the challenges in the relationships between investment treaties and economic development, with a focus on industrial policy, investment liberalization and performance requirements. It was co-hosted by the Government of Liberia, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the South Centre.

The annual forum is a platform for senior developing and emerging country government officials to discuss trends and perspectives in the current geo-political landscape of investment-related negotiations. At a time when industrialized countries are increasing pressure to accept long-term investment agreements aimed at broadening their access to developing country markets and natural resources, host states in Africa, Asia and Latin America are beginning to evaluate the potential risks and benefits.

The forum offers a space for debate and exchange on the challenges and opportunities arising within regions and individual countries that are reaching for inclusive growth and sustainable development. By analyzing the most recent trends, the forum assists developing countries in finding solutions, building on lessons learned by peers and strengthening practical South-South cooperation activities in the investment policy area.

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The Eighth Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators

Event details

  • November 5-7, 2014

  • Montreux, Switzerland