In a time of growing populations and a rapidly changing climate, many countries are struggling to respond to challenges to their fresh water.


The science at IISD Experimental Lakes Area never stops.

During the winter we are out on the ice, monitoring the condition of the water, testing the depth of the snow, and keeping our meteorological dataset unbroken.

It is during the summer, however, when the lakes are ice free, that we are able to do most of our research.

“Ice-off” is defined as the point when 80% of the lake is free of ice, and that’s when we start the full summer research season for the year. Over our 48 year record, the earliest the ice has ever melted on Lake 239 is April 5 (in 2012), and the latest is May 18 (in 2014).

Want to follow along and see when the ice melts this year?

Below, you can see daily snaps of Lake 239, and track when the ice is melting. When do you think we will reach “ice-off” this year? 01 20180502181412186 01 20180501181412186 01 20180504181412186 01 20180502154153385 TIMING Jpg 01 20180430154153385 TIMING 01 20180429154153381 TIMING
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