Past Research

Determining Drivers of Fish Productivity

Exploring what drives fish productivity in freshwater systems.

The Ecosystem Indicators of Fish Productivity project is designed to:

  • provide insights into what drives fish productivity in freshwater systems;
  • determine which ecosystem indicators are most useful for estimating variations in fish productivity;
  • develop and assess modern tools to estimate ecosystem productivity and water quality.

The project includes the development of fish productivity estimates using historical mark-recapture data, a retrospective analysis of how fish productivity was altered by major habitat disruptions during whole-ecosystem experiments, and an assessment of the fish- and ecosystem-based indicators that would be useful in estimating changes in fish productivity when mark-recapture data is unavailable.

It also investigates how changes in dissolved organic carbon from reservoir flooding, climate change, or variations in lake/watershed characteristics partition primary production and energy flow through food webs in support of fish production.

Scientific research in northwestern Ontario