Current Research | Apr 6, 2016

Reintroducing Mysis Into a Lake

Reintroducing a major predatory zooplankton and monitoring the impact.

As a result of an acidification experiment conducted in Lake 223 which began in 1976, a major predatory zooplankton species was eliminated from the lake. Mysis are an important food source for lake trout and losing this food source has upset the balance within Lake 223. This experiment will re-introduce Mysis into Lake 223 and observe how this reintroduction of a top predatory zooplankton affects the rest of the lake.

IISD-ELA researchers reintroduced Mysis into the lake the spring of 2018 and are now monitoring the impacts.

opossum shrimp

This research project is being carried out in collaboration with Lakehead University and with funds from NSERC.