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IISD-ELA in the News | CBC Thunder Bay | July 5, 2017

Experimental Lakes Area scientists taking questions on Twitter

"The scientists at the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) near Kenora, Ont., are practicing a new skill this month: being brief. The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), which operates the ELA, is running a campaign throughout July that will see its scientists answer science-related questions that are posed via Twitter."

IISD-ELA in the News | The Walrus | June 26, 2017

Anger and Indifference on Lake Winnipeg

""Lake 227 may be the least well-known and most well-studied lake in the world,” Paterson had told me earlier as we dragged on our heavy rain gear at the lab. More than 200 published papers have used data from Lake 227 over the last five decades. "

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Sun | June 21, 2017

Zebra mussels spreading in Lake Winnipeg; scientist says news isn’t all bad

"Higgins says zebra mussels have been confirmed in four bodies of water in Manitoba: Cedar Lake, Singush Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park, the Red River and Lake Winnipeg since 2013. Higgins says in about the 700 or so lakes that have been invaded in North America, there are only two examples where they’ve been effectively eliminated, and both were small lakes where potash was added."