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IISD-ELA in the News | BBC Arabic | July 2, 2018

كيف يُسهم تسريب النفط “عمدا” في حماية البيئة في كندا؟

(Arabic-language article) "نادرا ما يسكب الناس النفط عمدا، لكن باحثين في المعهد الدولي للتنمية المستدامة بمقاطعة أونتاريو بكندا، يسكبون مادة البيتومين، وهي مادة لزجة سوداء تستخرج من الرمال النفطية، في أحواض بإحدى البحيرات في منطقة بحيرات التجارب التابعة للمعهد، لكنهم يهدفون من وراء ذلك إلى حماية النظم البيئية للمياه العذبة من التسربات النفطية التي قد تحدث مستقبلا."

IISD-ELA in the News | The Current | July 1, 2018

IISD-ELA turns 50

"Despite not looking a day over 25, IISD-ELA has been conducting groundbreaking research on what is affecting fresh water for the last 50 years. 2018 is therefore a year of celebration, reflection, outreach, and planning for the next 50 years. "

IISD-ELA in the News | Radio Canada International | June 22, 2018

Deliberate oil spill for science

Although there have been many previous studies on the effects of oil spills on the environment, there are gaps in understanding long-term effects and natural recovery, especially in connection with dilbit and how the chemical mix changes over time in the environment. The complex study involves three phases at Canada’s unique freshwater experimental project at IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

IISD-ELA in the News | The Globe and Mail | June 18, 2018

Study launched to test impact of crude and bitumen spill on lake life

"Researchers were in northwestern Ontario over the weekend spilling diluted oilsands bitumen and crude oil into a lake to study how the ecosystem, from microbes to fish, responds. The pilot project, known as Freshwater Oil Spill Remediation Study, is being done at the International Institute for Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area southeast of Kenora, Ont."