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IISD-ELA in the News | 89.5 The Lake | April 29, 2020

ELA Still Operating This Summer

"The Experimental Lakes Area east of Kenora will still be busy this year, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experiments are starting next week as the researchers are isolating for 14 days before their work begins."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | April 24, 2020

Pandemic complications put freshwater lake research on hold

"What we’ve been doing over the last month is taking a step back and thinking about, ‘OK, what are our goals this year, given (the circumstances)? And how are we going to achieve them?’ What we’ve set out for ourselves, in terms of goals is maintaining the scientific record. This will be the 52nd year of monitoring out at the ELA," said deputy director Pauline Gerrard.

IISD-ELA in the News | Chemicals Without Concern | April 22, 2020

How Nanosilver Gets Into Our Freshwater, and What We Need To Do About It

"There are no bandage solutions to freshwater issues. There are, however, nano-sized particles of silver on bandages, which have inadvertently created a complicated environmental issue. “Nanosilver” describes particles of silver between 1 and 100 nanometres in size that are inherently toxic to bacteria and microbes and thus a great antibacterial."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | February 28, 2020

Changing climate, threatened cultures

Coming at this issue from a western science perspective, Scott Higgins agrees that climate-change implications are much more complex than many understand. Higgins is a research scientist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, a Winnipeg-based think tank. "If you only knew the annual average change in air temperature, you’d miss a lot," Higgins says.

IISD-ELA in the News | UN Water | February 24, 2020

Academics make you lol

"Science and research isn’t usually a laughing matter. However, the ‘lol my thesis’ website is changing all that. Anyone who has written a thesis submits their original title, and then comes up with a new, funny one-line title that better describes what they did and what they found. The result? Academic research is made more accessible and honest, and gives everyone a chuckle. See what staff at the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s (IISD) freshwater laboratory came up with to make you lol."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | February 17, 2020

Manitoba seeks help with zebra mussels

"They can get incredibly high densities, and they clog intake screens and a variety of infrastructures," said Scott Higgins, a research scientist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development. He said zebra mussels are "the poster child for aquatic invasive species" because they throw off fish ecosystems and jam up Manitoba Hydro infrastructure.

IISD-ELA in the News | The Selkirk Record | February 13, 2020

Aquahacking Lake Winnipeg

"IISD has teamed up with Aquahacking to bring the Aquahacking Challenge, a challenge designed to have innovators compete to create a startup company which tackles issues facing lakes and rivers, to Manitoba."

IISD-ELA in the News | Manitoba Cooperator | February 11, 2020

Flood waters leave farmers with nowhere to go

"The water began to rise in 1999, Weidenhamer said. In the next decade it continued to climb and peaked in 2011. The rise coincides with a prolonged wet cycle of 10 to 15 years, said Richard Grosshans with the International Institute for Sustainable Development."