IISD-ELA in the News

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | February 17, 2020

Manitoba seeks help with zebra mussels

"They can get incredibly high densities, and they clog intake screens and a variety of infrastructures," said Scott Higgins, a research scientist at the International Institute for Sustainable Development. He said zebra mussels are "the poster child for aquatic invasive species" because they throw off fish ecosystems and jam up Manitoba Hydro infrastructure.

IISD-ELA in the News | The Selkirk Record | February 13, 2020

Aquahacking Lake Winnipeg

"IISD has teamed up with Aquahacking to bring the Aquahacking Challenge, a challenge designed to have innovators compete to create a startup company which tackles issues facing lakes and rivers, to Manitoba."

IISD-ELA in the News | Manitoba Cooperator | February 11, 2020

Flood waters leave farmers with nowhere to go

"The water began to rise in 1999, Weidenhamer said. In the next decade it continued to climb and peaked in 2011. The rise coincides with a prolonged wet cycle of 10 to 15 years, said Richard Grosshans with the International Institute for Sustainable Development."

IISD-ELA in the News | Canadian Geographic | February 3, 2020

Canada’s 90 Greatest Explorers: Innovation

"David Schindler. Renowned environmental scientist who pioneered large-scale investigations of whole lakes as director of the Experimental Lakes Area, Kenora, Ont. His acid rain research and other studies have resulted in specific protection measures for world freshwater resources."

IISD-ELA in the News | Great Lakes Now (Detroit Public TV) | January 28, 2020

Episode 1010: Sand, Sinkholes and Science

“It sounds a bit crass maybe, but we treat our lakes like test tubes,” said Pauline Gerrard, deputy director of the Experimental Lakes Area. “If you think about an experiment in a lab, you have a test tube. You know exactly what’s in that test tube to start with. You add a certain amount of something else and you observe the change. We do that in our lakes.“

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | January 28, 2020

Looking at the human side of tech

"Pauline Gerrard, a department director of the experimental lakes area at IISD, said the upcoming conference is geared to a cross-section of the community. "It’s going to be a fantastic conference — there will be something for everyone," said Gerrard, who lives in St. Boniface. "There will be lots of opportunities for everyone to get behind.""

IISD-ELA in the News | Great Lakes Now (Detroit Public TV) | January 22, 2020

Weed in the Water: How does cannabis use affect our freshwater ecosystems?

The ELA’s deputy director, Pauline Gerrard, said the cannabis metabolites project is a good example of how the research facility tries to respond to both public and government concerns. “We’ve tried to really open our doors and be very aware of the conversations that are happening around North America about freshwater,” she said.