IISD-ELA in the News

IISD-ELA in the News | Kenora Daily Miner | September 30, 2021

IISD-ELA translates educational videos into Ojibwe

"The IISD-Experimental Lakes Area has recently translated some educational videos into Ojibwe in an effort to help Indigenous youth reconnect with their language and learn about the research being done at the freshwater laboratory located southeast of Kenora."

IISD-ELA in the News | Fort Francis Times | September 29, 2021

Elders share Anishinaabemowin to preserve environment

"A project coming out of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) has worked to translate two educational videos into Anishinaabemowin, and created several new words in the language in the process."

IISD-ELA in the News | Manitoba Cooperator | September 22, 2021

Management key to zebra mussel challenge

"This means more monitoring and a better overall co-ordination of research efforts in all pockets of the province to ensure that the results are immediately built into effective policy to tackle the scourge of zebra mussels."

IISD-ELA in the News | Great Lakes Now | July 30, 2021

Bacteria Cleanup: Should we let nature clean up oil spills?

"Vince Palace, who led the work at the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Experimental Lakes Area in western Ontario, said that the methods currently in use for cleaning up spills in rivers and lakes – mostly digging up and dumping contaminated soil – are not particularly effective. They only recover around 20 to 40% of the oil, and the physical damage done to shorelines and streambeds can be worse than the effects of the spill itself, taking as long as a decade to recover."

IISD-ELA in the News | Winnipeg Free Press | July 21, 2021

Wetlands could help wipe out water woes

"In early July, researchers from the International Institute for Sustainable Development built and planted a total of 10 floating wetlands in two retention ponds in East St. Paul. The project, run by IISD’s bioeconomy and water policy lead Richard Grosshans, will test how effective the wetlands are at removing harmful pollutants from freshwater lakes over time."