Educational Resources | Apr 13, 2017

Apply Now for IISD-ELA’s Flagship High School Field Course: Experimental Lakes Area School Experience (ELSE)

The IISD-ELA ELSE program is a groundbreaking field course for high school students interested in real-world experience in field research and freshwater science. This course runs from July 17 to 29, 2022.

Over the course of this two week program students work directly with IISD-ELA scientists observing, helping, asking, answering, doing and learning a phenomenal amount about environmental science. Getting inspired about research and the environment around them, and having fun!

  • During week one, student participants will accompany different scientists each day as they continue their field work in a diverse range of practical environmental research programs.
  • Between weeks one and two, students will regroup, recharge and plan while on a 4 day refreshing and challenging back country canoe trip through the heart of this world-renowned wilderness canoeing area.
  • During week two, students will follow their own unique research path, and guided by scientists while learning more about the processes of environmental science in the field, and about the ongoing IISD-ELA research that especially interests them.

Download the informational brochure here.

Cost and Bursaries

The cost of the program is $2,000/student for the 12-day period. This includes: travel to the site from Winnipeg, food, accommodation, the use of equipment and laboratory space at IISD-ELA, and the time of two program leaders who will facilitate and guide the learning experience.

For more information

Dean McLeod – [email protected]
Savana Theodore-Maraj – [email protected]