High School Students

IISD-ELA partners with a number of educational institutions to provide a platform for science education and innovation.


At the high school level, IISD-ELA offers a two-week Experimental Lakes Area Student Experience (ELSE) summer field course for eight grade 11 and 12 students. ELSE gives students a unique perspective into ecological literacy, freshwater research and systems thinking.

Students work with their peers, two adult leaders and many participating scientists through long days, observing, helping, asking, answering, and learning about environmental science, limnology, the “whole-ecosystem” concept, chemistry, ecological interactions, human impacts and more.

Download our IISD-ELA ELSE brochure.

We just launched our eDNA pilot program: Monitoring eDNA & Learning Ecology With Youth (MeDLEY). A Winnipeg-based program for youth with an interest in the natural sciences who also face opportunity barriers. These students will be engaged in scientific inquiry, collaboration, and innovation during the program. Learn more here.

For more information on field courses at IISD-ELA please contact [email protected].