Field Courses

IISD-ELA partners with a number of education institutions to provide a platform for science education and innovation.


We are working with a number of universities to provide undergraduate- and graduate-level field courses. The long history of ELA research combined with accommodation, logistical support and laboratory facilities make it a great place to teach field research techniques in topics such as limnology, biogeochemistry, fisheries and aquatic sampling.

In 2016 two university-level courses will be held at the research facility with Lakehead University, Trent University and the University of Manitoba:

  • Lakehead University will offer Experimental Limnology and Aquatic Ecology through the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology.
  • The University of Manitoba and Trent University will jointly offer a university-based field course focused on environmental monitoring and water quality, sponsored in part by the NSERC CREATE H2O program

At the high school level, IISD-ELA has teamed up with St. John’s-Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg to pilot a 2-week field experience for high school students. The Experimental Lakes Area Student Experience (ELSE) gives students a unique perspective into ecological literacy, freshwater research and systems thinking. Students work with their peers, two adult leaders and participating scientists through long days observing, helping, asking, answering, participating and learning a substantial amount about environmental science, limnology, the “whole-ecosystem” concept, chemistry, ecological interactions, human impacts and more.

The ELSE Program will be offered to high school students every summer. Download our IISD-ELA ELSE brochure.

For more information on field courses at IISD-ELA please contact Pauline Gerrard, Deputy Director, at