The Experimental Lakes Area is the place for high-impact science. It is unlike any other facility for its ability to answer the big and pressing questions.

Dr. Karen Kidd, Canada Research Chair, Canadian Rivers Institute and University of New Brunswick

The Time to Act is Now

Help us support the freshwater scientists of tomorrow

Dr. David Schindler, one of the co-founders and early pioneers of IISD Experimental Lakes Area, spent much of his illustrious career mentoring the freshwater scientists of tomorrow.

To honour and extend his legacy, we will be funding one limnology student per year to study and work at the world’s freshwater laboratory, to gain hands-on experience experimenting on real lakes and working with our experts.

  • If you wish to support the Dr. David Schindler Summer Internship at IISD-ELA, please consider making a gift to our Endowment Fund by clicking this link.
  • To donate by cheque, make the cheque payable to ‘The Winnipeg Foundation’ (with the memo notation ‘IISD-ELA Endowment Fund’) and mail to: IISD Experimental Lakes Area, FAO Louis St-Cyr, 325-111 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0T4.

Please note that every gift to the Endowment Fund will be tripled thanks to the generosity of Michael Paterson and The Gail Asper Family Foundation.

Join us and become a freshwater guardian today! It’s up to you to decide where to invest your monthly gift: 

1. Securing the Future of IISD Experimental Lakes Area

Your gift to the IISD Experimental Lakes Area Fund will be pooled and invested. Each year, the income generated by this fund will be used to nurture the freshwater guardians of tomorrow, support scientists, and fund research into new and emerging threats. Your long-term support guarantees the world’s freshwater laboratory will be there to safeguard our water supplies for the next 50 years and generations beyond. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Donors have the opportunity to triple their impact! Thanks to the generosity of Michael Paterson and the Gail Asper Family Foundation, and an anonymous donor, for a limited time every $1 donated becomes $3! 

Click here to donate online to the IISD-ELA Endowment Fund, managed by The Winnipeg Foundation. 

2. Building Canada’s First Centre for Climate and Lake Learning

Your gift to IISD Experimental Lakes Area’s Campus Improvement Initiative will help to build Canada’s Centre for Climate and Lake Learning, maintain and improve living conditions for researchers and visitors to this remote area, and renovate our power supply with clean, innovative technology.  

Your voice and actions will inspire generations to come. To pledge a monthly gift that will welcome local communities, educate and nurture the next generation of freshwater scientists, and inspire the world please select ‘IISD-ELA Campus Improvement Initiative’ from the embedded form below. 

3. Supporting Our Work Day in and Day out

Unrestricted operating funds are the holy grail for non-profits like us. They are flexible, adaptable, and get stuff done. This cash can help to rescue good ideas, solve problems, and respond to unpredictable circumstances. 

In short, flexible funding is crucial. 

If you want to be a problem-solving hero, please utilize the form below and pledge your support to ‘General Operating’.