Campaigns | Mar 7, 2019

Support Clean Water and Healthy Fish This World Water Day

Happy World Water Day 2019!

Fish are an integral part of freshwater ecosystems. While everyone depends on clean drinking water, billions of people in Canada and around the world also rely on healthy fish as sustenance for themselves, their families and their communities.

Over the last 51 years at IISD Experimental Lakes Area, we have researched over half a million fish to understand how they live and how human activity affects their health. This groundbreaking research has revealed everything from how artificial estrogen can turn male fish into females to how fish can recover from mercury poisoning.

Now we need YOUR help.

When you give this World Water Day (Friday, March 22, 2019), your generous donations will help the world’s freshwater laboratory continue to protect those fish on which so many communities around the world depend.

Please consider donating today by clicking here.