Video | Jun 17, 2020

SEMI FINAL: How Canada is Hacking Lake Winnipeg

Want to discover what innovative and exciting ideas Canada’s young professionals and entrepreneurs have tucked up their sleeves to help save Lake Winnipeg?

Take a look at virtual semi-final for IISD’s AquaHacking Lake Winnipeg 2020 Challenge. Since the competition launched earlier this year, multidisciplinary teams of students and young professionals have been working with mentors to develop innovative tech solutions to urgent freshwater issues facing the Lake Winnipeg basin.

At the semi-final, these teams pitched their solutions to a panel of expert judges from the business, water, and technology sectors (see names below), who determined which teams will advance to the final phase of the competition.

You will discover all of the exciting ideas Canada’s innovators have been carefully concocting over the last few months and get to meet the young innovators themselves!