Engaging with Science | Apr 15, 2015

Dryden District Conservation Club Sports and Home Show


From April 24-25 staff of IISD-ELA presented aquatic science to the general public at the Dryden District Conservation Club Sports and Home Show. Armed with an impressive toolbox of IISD-ELA communication resources, the science display and interactive materials were an eye-catching exhibit that “reeled in” a lot of interested people to the IISD-ELA table.

The Sports and Home Show in Dryden is one of a series of events where IISD-ELA staff have the opportunity to engage the public on the past and present research conducted at the facility. It is an opportunity to meet our neighbours in the Dryden community and beyond, and to discuss our research and share ideas about what is happening in our watersheds. It is also an opportunity to meet up with some partners of IISD-ELA, such as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

While people were learning more about our research program and the implications for guiding policy development, IISD-ELA staff were learning how supportive the Dryden community is for the research program to continue. It is always a pleasure to have positive confirmation from our neighbours. IISD-ELA looks forward to meeting many of these people once again, this time in our back yard, when we host an open house at the facility in late September. Community members of the Dryden area will be invited to ride a bus from Dryden to the IISD-ELA facility for the open house, where we will offer further opportunities for our neighbours to come see who we are and how we conduct our research.