Commentary | Jul 27, 2020 | By Vince Palace, Head Research Scientist

The environment shouldn’t suffer because of our COVID-19 precautions

In an opinion piece for the Globe and Mail, Vince Palace argues that we need to better understand the impacts of scaled-up cleaning protocols (due to COVID-19) on the environment. And our fresh water.

You know the drill. Nowadays, it seems like every email, conversation and Zoom or Skype meeting starts the same way: “I hope you are coping with the new reality well and staying safe.”

Implied in that latter phrase, of course, is the understanding that we all are doing our part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by physically distancing, washing our hands and being vigilant by cleaning high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces. What we may not yet have fully considered, however, is how these practices of our new normal may go on to impact our earth’s resources – including our fresh water.

You can read the rest of this article on the Globe and Mail website.