Commentary | Jun 7, 2017

The $10,000 Question

What would you do if you had an additional $10,000 to inject into your work? Invest in some new equipment? Get a new project off the ground? We are asking ourselves that very question here at IISD Experimental Lakes Area, as that may soon be a reality for us!

Commentary | Dec 20, 2016

Making IISD-ELA More Sustainable

Mark Lyng explains all that IISD-ELA is doing to become more sustainable, including implementing solar panels, rechargeable snowmobiles and energy efficient cabins.

Commentary | Nov 25, 2015

What do Zebra Mussels Mean for Western Provinces?

Zebra mussels have arrived in Lake Winnipeg. What can we expect to happen to water quality and our fisheries? What are the implications for other lakes and rivers in our Western provinces? What should we encourage our provincial and federal leaders to do?