Heather Hinam

Heather is a Manitoba-based naturalist, artist, photographer, and educator dedicated to helping people reconnect with nature. She visited IISD-ELA from June 9 to 14, 2019, as an Artist-in-Residence.

IISD-ELA welcomes Heather Hinam as 2019 Artist-in-Residence

Heather’s love of nature not only shaped her art and photography but also inspired her to pursue a Ph.D. in ecology. She helps people reconnect with the world around them using her art, scientific training, and years of experience as an interpreter to create engaging media with her company, Second Nature.

Armchair on the shore of a freshwater lake

“Art and nature have always been inexorably entwined in my life.”

Heather Hinam
Luna moth on a log

Check out the photos Heather captured during her time at IISD-ELA below. To see more of her work, visit www.heatherhinam.com or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lake Photography

This gallery showcases Heather Hinam's photography of IISD-ELA's world-renowned lakes.

Nature Photography

Explore the natural surroundings of the IISD-ELA field station as captured by Heather Hinam's photography.

Science Photography

See our scientists at work (and play) in this gallery of Heather Hinam's photographs of IISD-ELA field research.