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Working with NGOs

On the streets and in the boardroom, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are making themselves heard. Increasingly, the business community is listening. But what is it hearing? Can business enjoy more harmonious, less antagonistic, relations with the NGO sector?

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has been monitoring the evolution of NGO-business relations. The material assembled here offers an overview and insights into what is driving this phenomenon.

This section begins with a brief introduction to the NGO movement, and profiles how NGOs and businesses are coming together - and for what purposes. It features case-studies of well-known engagements - such as the creation of certification schemes for banana plantations and sustainable forestry practices.

Next, a series of articles explores the state of the union between environmental NGOs and businesses in Canada. We profile several prominent Canadian collaborations, and offer an insight into the mechanics of such relationships. Finally, NGOs talk about the ingredients of successful collaborations, and share their concerns about working with the business community.

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