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Over the past 20 years, the environment has been a growing priority for people, both at home and at work. New markets are emerging as consumers and large organizations move towards 'green' buying decisions, and as the environment industry continues to grow.

This part of the site is designed to help entrepreneurs exploit these emerging markets. To benefit fully from the potential of these markets, however, companies must move beyond green add-ons and make a full commitment to sustainable development.

To be successful in the green consumer market, today's entrepreneur needs to know what makes it tick. The principal barrier is credibility: in particular, consumers are cynical about product claims and opportunistic price hikes.

Pace-setting entrepreneurs will also have to fend off competition from mainstream companies, so competitive strategies will be vital.

There are a number of options for environmental entrepreneurs to follow, including:

  • Identifying and responding to green procurement policies with existing products and services;
  • Forming new alliances among suppliers and customers to address the new market;
  • Consulting with key policymakers, and forging business relationships that help create new markets.

As the commitment to sustainable development takes hold, many governments are introducing stricter environmental regulations. In response, the global market for environmental solutions has grown significantly. This market is maturing from end-of-pipe clean-up solutions, through abatement and prevention strategies, to sustainable technologies.

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