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To put it simply, this is a space for our policy experts to wonk out—after all, some issues can only be tackled with technical expertise on niche subjects. IISD's team understands the importance of effective commentary and the ways in which it can lead to transformative policy change in the real world. 

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Foreign Investment in Decline

UNCTAD predicted last month that COVID-19 would cause a 40% drop in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2020.
Policy Analysis July 8, 2020

Ensuring a Balance of Power in the Face of COVID-19

Half the world’s population is subject to varying degrees of lockdown in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with an unprecedented crisis, should governments offer solutions that sidestep requirements of transparency, accountability, and responsibility?
Policy Analysis June 17, 2020

The Time is Right for New, Low-Carbon Investments

Instead of a bailout for Canada's oil and gas sector, government and industry should pursue investments that will help develop new energy solutions and markets: IISD's Richard Florizone in The Hill Times.
Policy Analysis March 26, 2020

El África de los recursos naturales

La abundancia en minerales, tanto los tradicionales como los que necesitan las nuevas tecnologías, son una fuente impresionante de riqueza que ha revertido en unos pocos. Las potencias extranjeras se posicionan para asegurarse el suministro, pero un África unida debería imponer sus reglas para acabar con la pobreza de sus sociedades.
Policy Analysis December 15, 2019