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Vicky Sharpe

Senior Fellow

Vicky Sharpe is a strategic advisor to the Sustainable Development Technology Canada, a Government of Canada initiative whose mission is to build a sustainable development technology infrastructure in Canada, and was the first employee and founding President and CEO of that organization for 13 years.

Throughout her career, Dr. Sharpe has successfully integrated sustainable development into business practices. As President of GRI Canada and Astral Group, she demonstrated leadership and vision in the use of innovative technologies across Canada’s primary economic sectors. Dr. Sharpe also served as vice president of Ontario Hydro International Inc., creating new global revenue streams for environmental and energy utilization practices. She has also held management positions in marketing, business development and technology innovation.

Dr. Sharpe has served on numerous technology and industry association committees, in particular as an international advisor on sustainability issues; has represented the Canadian energy sector at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Forum; and has chaired both the National Advisory Board on Energy, Science and Technology, and the Board of Directors of Clean Air Canada Inc. Her efforts were recognized with the National Energy Conservation Association’s inaugural Energy Efficiency Award for outstanding contributions to the energy industry.As a widely recognized expert and advocate for sustainable development and technology innovation, she has addressed both national and international audiences to promote an understanding of the culture shift in values society must make to secure a sustainable future.


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