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Shruti Sharma

Associate and Energy Specialist

Shruti Sharma is an Associate and Energy Specialist in IISD’s Energy program and the India Project Coordinator. Her experience and expertise lie in the field of environment, energy and poverty alleviation, with a focus on policy analysis, project management and evaluation. In her work with the British Council’s Climate Change project, Shruti developed her skills in advocacy, program management and evaluation, and communications. Her recent work focuses on energy pricing, energy subsidies, energy efficiency and the impact of energy sector reforms on gender.  

  • India Energy Subsidy Briefing October 2017
    India Energy Subsidy Briefing October 2017The India Energy Subsidy Briefing covers issues related to energy subsidies. October's edition included topics of petroleum products, a discussion of pricing policy for diesel and petrol, a new electricity subsidy scheme, and price hikes for liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene.
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