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Martin Dietrich Brauch


Martin Dietrich Brauch is an international law adviser and associate with IISD, based in Brazil. He provides legal advice and training on international investment law and reform for developing country governments and regional organizations, with a focus on Latin America and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

As editor-in-chief of Investment Treaty News (ITN), Martin oversees the editorial process of IISD’s flagship quarterly journal on international investment law and policy, published in English, French and Spanish.

He is Team Captain of The Creative Disrupters, one of the winners of the Stockholm Treaty Lab prize. The team’s winning entry is an innovative model investment treaty, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation goals.

Among Martin’s recent research work are papers on integrating sustainable development co-benefits into infrastructure contracts, International Court of Justice (ICJ) judges sitting as arbitrators in investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) cases, and exhaustion of local remedies in international investment law.

Prior to joining IISD, Martin worked as Senior Attorney for a media conglomerate and Associate Attorney at a law firm in Brazil. As a graduate student, he undertook an internship with the Legal Affairs Programme of UN Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Martin is qualified to practice law in Brazil and in New York.

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