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Lubna Seal

Junior Data Scientist, IISD-ELA

Lubna is working as a junior data scientist with IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

She has worked extensively in the area of climate change vulnerability and adaptation policy research with a focus on climate risk data analysis with many international donor-funded projects. At present, she is interested in harnessing the power of data science in translating complex data to meaningful information which can facilitate the discussion around environmental decision making.

Lubna has a wealth of analytical skills, including data pre-processing and feature-engineering, conducting exploratory data analysis for pattern and trend identification, learning various machine learning model for predictive analysis, and using powerful visualization tools to provide deep data insights.

Before joining IISD-ELA, she worked with Ontario Climate Consortium and provided technical support to develop a municipal corporate climate change risk scan for a regional municipality in the Greater Toronto Area.

Lubna holds a degree in Master of Climate Change at the University of Waterloo and an Advanced Diploma in Data Science and Application from a Toronto-based Technology College.

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