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Geoffrey Gunn

Policy Advisor – Data and Technology

Geoffrey is a geographer in IISD's Water Program.

His research focuses on applications of technology to enhance policy in the water sphere, from improving management of big scientific data to the social frameworks we need to empower people with new innovations. He is currently exploring the potential for new technologies to improve the connection between communities and their water, and how public and private organizations can successfully turn their data into smarter decisions. The projects that Geoff manages include the Manitoba Bioeconomy Atlas, IISD Experimental Lakes Area’s long-term whole-ecosystem dataset and an upcoming project exploring artificial intelligence and big-ecosystem data.

Geoff completed his MSc. at the University of Manitoba exploring sea ice-atmosphere-ocean interactions in the Canadian Arctic.

  • Big Data for Resilience
    Big Data for ResilienceSummary of a recent event looking at the links between Big Data, resilience and achieving long-term development goals, and the implications for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers.
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