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Daniel Morchain

Policy Advisor, Adaptation

Daniel Morchain is a Policy Advisor with IISD’s Resilience Program, leading the National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes in Colombia and Peru.

Within the Resilience Program, Daniel supports the design and implementation of initiatives that address adaptation to climate change impacts in the context of development. He currently leads the National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes in Colombia and Peru. Prior to joining IISD, Daniel was a senior adviser in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience at Oxfam. One of his key roles there was as co-investigator for CARIAA’s Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions project. A main focus of his work is risk and vulnerability assessment through cross-scalar, participatory and multistakeholder processes. In this context, he developed The Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Toolkit methodology. Through program and project design and implementation, research, research-for-impact and implementation, he supports efficient decision making that aims to deliver fair, sustainable, socially sensitive and gender-transformative outcomes.

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Our People