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Anika Terton

Policy Advisor

Anika is a Policy Advisor with IISD’s Resilience program. She has more than 5 years experience of applied research projects in the field of climate change adaptation and resilience. Her areas of focus include national adaptation planning (NAP) processes, ecosystem-based adaptation, and building urban resilience to climate change. Anika’s area of expertise includes undertaking research, policy analysis, and engagement activities with most of her work focused on understanding the risks and opportunities that climate change and variability poses to developing countries, and on building capacity of local communities, regional and national policy makers to better manage those risks. Much of Anika’s most recent work has been on understanding national policy processes that have been established under the three primary global agendas (Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030, Sendai Framework) and supporting countries in recognizing the value and benefits of aligning these climate-relevant policy processes.

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