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Andrey Vavilov

Writer/Editor Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Andrey M. Vavilov has been a career diplomat at the Russian Foreign Ministry for a long time. He started as an interpreter and note-taker. After postings in Delhi and London, he focused on multilateral negotiations at the UN, in particular on arms control and sustainable development issues. He wrote a book on the environmental effects of the arms race and the negotiating history of the Environmental Modification Convention. He worked for Maurice F.Strong as Head of External Relations of the UNCED Secretariat, which prepared the Rio Earth Summit, in 1992. After serving as Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to UNEP and HABITAT in Nairobi from 1995 to 2000, he joined the Diplomatic Academy, Moscow, as Senior Researcher. Andrey holds a Ph.D. (History). He lectures occasionally for young Russian diplomats, but has been devoting more time to building extensions to his log cabin, hidden in a forest along the river Volga.
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