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Amin Asadollahi

Climate Change Mitigation Lead—North America

Amin Asadollahi is the lead for climate change mitigation for North America and is based in Ottawa.‎

Prior to joining IISD, he worked as the oil sands program director at the Pembina Institute and held senior advisory positions at the federal departments of Natural Resources and Environment and Climate Change. Amin has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sustainable resource development, clean energy and trade policy, and has provided advice to governments, energy sector clients and non-governmental organizations. He has worked on energy and environmental policies, contributed to the design and delivery of federal funding programs valued at over a billion dollars, and facilitated multistakeholder and cross-juristictional discussions. Amin holds a Master of Arts degree in public policy and public administration from Concordia University and an honours baccalaureate in political science from the University of Ottawa. Amin is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) FlareNet Strategic Network.

Amin is an avid camper, downhill skier and an outdoors enthusiast, with a passion for the environment and animal welfare.

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