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Alfred Duda

Senior Fellow

Dr. Alfred Duda recently retired from the World Bank Group after over 20 years of service, the last 17 of which was a Senior Advisor in charge of the International Waters focal area at the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Al has experience with water resources on every continent, and at the GEF he was responsible for over $1 billion in financing of freshwater projects in China, Brazil, Africa and elsewhere. Prior to this, Dr. Duda was part of the internal Bank team that coordinated development and Board approval of the 1994 Water Resources Management Policy that still guides the Bank’s work in the field of water resources.

Following completion of his doctoral work at Duke University in hydrology, Al worked in a supervisory capacity at a State water quality regulatory agency in the United States and then at the corporate environment staff of the Tennessee Valley Authority. In 1987, he was named by the U. S. Department of State as Director and Chief of Diplomatic Mission of the Great Lakes Office of the International Joint Commission (Canada and U.S.). Housed within the U.S. Department of State and located in Canada, the bi-national office supports U.S. and Canadian operations under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 with responsibilities to resolve current water disputes and avoid future disputes along the border.

Dr. Duda's work on river basins, lakes, aquifers, and marine systems has appeared in some 7 dozen papers in technical journals and other publications. He has served on a number of Boards and Committees and has received a number of awards for his leadership in water management.

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